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Argelius Network - A revolutionary web3.0 music ecosystem! Argelius

A revolutionary crypto project is coming mainstream with a great purpose in mind. Argelius Token (ARG) is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is the store of value for the environment and is in the early stages of launch.

Argelius vision is to bring old fashioned music industry to the 21st century connecting it to the awesome world of blockchain technology and decentralization. Argelius Token changes how independent musicians earn revenue from their creations giving them the freedom to monetize directly while increasing their visibility in the musical scene.

Argelius Network aims to create a decentralized ecosystem for music protagonists, upcoming artists, fans and music lovers by eliminating third-parties, based on blockchain technology and also empowering them and unleashing creativity. To do so, Argelius is developing the following projects: ARSTUDIO, ARNFT, ARBEATS, ARFUND, ARCREATOR, ARSOCIAL, ARLINK, ARFEST, ARSELL, ARMETA, CRYPTOAR, ARPAD and ARMUSIC. To find more about the following projects, please access this link:
Of course, some of the projects are not based on the blockchain technology, but they are part of an ecosystem that is beneficial to them. The ecosystem will always be a place where creativity grows in endless ways. The main goal is to allow music artists to maximize their incomes and visibility by creating and offering them advanced instruments for managing their own art and finances. Argelius wants to become the benchmark of the music industry by providing a new home for music protagonists. Argelius has an ambitious purpose and it is a protocol designed to give freedom and new means. Argelius will create the first music festival that will embraces crypto and music industries in a new way and grow its mass adoption. What makes Argelius unique is that once some of the projects start generating profit, a percentage of the profits will go in to the liquidity pool. This will make the price of the Argelius Token (ARG) to go up in price in a natural healthy way.

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