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Video editing SDK: Best Offers for Creating Quality Content

Banuba real-time video editor Banuba real-time video editor

The development of the IT industry enables you to generate high-quality videos while using advanced smartphones. The videos can be considered a tool capable of increasing conversions on social networks and attracting new customers.

Any video has to serve its purpose, for instance, to advertise a product or service, to entertain the audience, or help users solve specific problems. This requires not only high-quality images but also special effects, sound, or text overlay. Use the Banuba real-time video editor to create the perfect video. It's a state-of-the-art application with lots of tools and filters.

Real-time video editing will make you forget about problems with the quality of your videos. Modifications take minimal time, and you don't need to transfer the footage to your computer. Everything can be processed right on your smartphone.

Top Video Editing SDKs in 2022

The best video editing modules are compatible with multiple platforms. They are adapted for applications running on Android, iOS, and, in some cases, Windows, and macOS The more features are offered by developers, the better the result. However, when choosing an SDK, you should always check the parameters so that its toolkit meets your requirements.

Banuba Toolkit

A large set of tools is offered for video processing. It includes:

  • special effects like ripples, blurring;

  • the animated story, which is formed from several clips;

  • color filters that enable users to change the shade of the aired content;

  • time effects that enable users to control the playback speed of the video;

  • adding text or GIFs to draw attention to important points;

  • audio editor to change the volume and tone of the voice, adding audio tracks;

  • video trimmer to trim video to remove irrelevant fragments or make the video shorter;

  • Picture-in-picture option to display multiple clips on one screen.

A variety of features is a great way to create exclusive content that will catch the audience's attention.

Meishe SDK - AI-Powered Video Editor with a Wide Range of Features

This is a toolkit from a Beijing developer. The company produces software for video and audio processing. In addition to the SDK for content editing, it offers tools for applications used in video communication.

Meishe SDK provides the capability to trim videos, add music, and overlay text. A picture-in-picture feature is also available. If you want to create a slideshow, you can use images from the gallery or the photos you are currently taking.


This video editing SDK was developed with a focus on user-friendliness. Despite the simplicity of operation, there is one drawback, which is its limited functionality. So, you are unable to add music, text, or video. However, it is possible to create a slideshow or change the color. A set of tools is used in applications running on iOS.


The company started by developing a tool for retouching photos on Twitter. Then the team moved on to more complex projects, including an AI-powered video editor. Ready-to-use modules are worth special attention because they support Cordova and Ionic (web frameworks for mobile devices).

Img.ly offers color customization. You can also crop videos or add text. No sound effects are provided.

Tencent UGSV

A ready-to-use module was released by a large Chinese corporation. It is designed for creating and editing short videos. The tools are mainly used to be integrated into social networking applications.

The SDK is in the beta-testing stage, which affects such parameters as performance, stability, etc. However, it is already possible to purchase the module for use in third-party applications.

Tencent UGSV offers to change the playback speed, use the option "Picture in picture", add audio and text, and create slideshows. You can also use visual and beauty effects, as well as face masks.


Another SDK by a Chinese software developer. The video editing toolkit includes many useful features, including the following:

  • the possibility of recording content and processing it;

  • availability of autofocus and manual focus;

  • availability of the flash;

  • dynamic camera switching;

  • merging of several clips;

  • applying watermarks.

You can also trim the necessary segments, add effects or text, and slow down or accelerate the video playback.

Banuba Real-Time Video Editor — Advanced Software with Extensive Functionality

Banuba real-time video editor is a popular SDK that is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is based on artificial intelligence, so you will achieve tremendous results when processing videos. For convenience, the developers have provided such an option as cross-platform support, which will expand the software capacity and increase the audience.

You can create entertainment content or product reviews, record short or full-length videos, and add effects during video processing.

The benefits of this tool  include the following: 

  • multitasking functionality. A huge number of tools are offered in one package thus enabling the creation of new-generation videos;

  • power. When processing videos you can use not only color filters but also 3D effects. At the same time the performance speed of the SDK will not be affected;

  • user-friendly interface. Even if you have no experience you will quickly get immersed in the process, and learn the stages of content processing.

As you use the software, take note of the beauty effects. They help to make your selfies and videos just perfect. This is due to features that even out skin tone, remove imperfections, whiten teeth, etc.

Banuba editor

Banuba editor

Equally exciting are the masks that are applied to the face. They can be used both during the processing of the existing video and in a real-time shooting. You are offered animated backgrounds, animal masks, face stickers, and 3D animation.

What are the Guidelines for Choosing an  AI Video Editor?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing an AI video editor. This is important if you want to have a comfortable and efficient experience with the application. Some of the main parameters include:

  • Whether it is required to download the application to a smartphone or it is possible to process videos in a browser. Developers produce software that must be downloaded and installed on your device before it can be used. If you do not have sufficient storage capacity or do not want to download the application, then  it is recommended to consider the online versions;

  • The minimum system requirements to install the application on your device. Familiarize yourself with the technical specifications that your smartphone (tablet) must have. Many applications are suitable even for outdated devices. However, this information will be useful in any case;

  • The interface features. The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive. In this case, you will quickly grasp the peculiarities of the application and generate the required videos;

  • Available functions. This criterion depends solely on the developer's concept. Some applications are suitable for creating high-quality promotional videos for large corporations. Such software includes a variety of tools that simplify editing the video and distributing it. Other applications are used exclusively to create personal videos for posting on social networks;

  • The cost of use. Most applications are distributed free of charge. However, their functionality is rather limited. If you want to expand the capabilities, then purchase a subscription. The more expensive it is, the more tools the developers provide.

Find the best option for you to create interesting videos and expand your company's market share. 

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