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Electric scooters vs. electric bikes in 2022. Which is better?

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You've decided to invest in a personal electric vehicle. Great choice! Electric scooters or bikes are cheaper than cars, better for the environment, and make it easier to lead an active lifestyle that benefits you and others around you.

But which one is right for you? Is it better to buy an electric scooter or electric bike? In this article, we’ll try to answer this question.

A few words about electric scooters

The first electric scooter was designed in 1915, but it wasn't until the mid-1990s that they became popular. While they did become a fun toy for all the youth in the US, nowadays, large scooters are practical alternatives to cars and other modes of personal transportation. Also known as e-scooters and motorized scooters.

To operate these, you stand on the platform and use a throttle control on one of the handles. There is typically a break on the other handle. While companies like Bird and Lime have popularized these as a rental service in major cities, owning your very own electric scooter offers a myriad of benefits. The advantages of having your own electric scooter are convenience, ease of movement around the city and avoiding traffic jams.

And about electric bikes…

Now you've learned what electric scooters are, and now it's time to learn all about electric bikes. Similar to traditional, pedal-powered bikes, electric bikes (sometimes referred to as e-bikes) have been around for quite some time. E-bikes are often considered crossbreeds between traditional bicycles and electric scooters due to their versatility and unique powertrain that allows them to be used in a variety of settings, including city streets or more rural areas with less space. So how do they work? eBikes use a battery instead of gasoline and combine both pedaling and power when riding.

Electric scooter vs. electric bike

People are always wondering if they should ride an electric bike or an electric scooter. Which is faster? Which is more fun? Which works better in my city? No matter what your question might be, we're here to show you how to pick the right one given your individual needs and priorities. Remember that choosing the perfect one comes down to a balance between fun and practicality – so narrow down your options and choose something you'll actually be happy with after making the purchase either way.

Similarities & differences between them

Maximum speed

Generally, both electric scooters and electric bikes have a different top speed depending on the model. On the market, you will find both electric scooters that can go up to 25 MPH and those that can go up to 40 MPH. It's the same with e-bikes.

Battery capacity

The more battery capacity, the better. With a longer range, you won't need to charge your electric bike or electric scooter every night when you get home. In general, electric bikes have a longer range than electric scooters. But you need to know that there are some electric scooters which come equipped with long-lasting batteries and can take you 40 miles worth of distance. While on the other hand, there are electric bikes which can boast a 70-mile range for your uninterrupted ride.

Comfort while riding

You should consider what is more comfortable for you – sitting or standing. Although some electric scooters can be outfitted with a seat, they are not typical. Most rides are stand-up models. On the other hand, ebikes typically come equipped with a seat.


In terms of portability, electric scooters perform much better than e-bikes. They are smaller, so they need less space – you can even take them to work. Especially since most of the models are foldable, which additionally facilitates their storage.


There is no clear answer to the question of which is better – an e-scooter or an e-bike. It all depends on what you prefer. We recommend that you try both of these modes of transport and see what will be more fun for you. Then compare the offers of the bike and scooter store, and we hope that you'll find your dream model.

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