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Gadgets Under $250 That Will Delight Any Tech Love

There are VR headsets and even smart microwaves. With so many high-tech gadgets hitting the market there is plenty of ideas for those tech-loving people in your life. These make great gifts for those hard to buy tech people that always want a gift that revolves around the latest technology.


The 8 Techy Things You Can Buy Under $250

 It’s time to get geeky now! Here are eight tech-savvy gifts that are under $250.

 Bose Sleep Ear Buds

These particular earplugs are only meant for sleeping. You plug them into your ears and let the calming tones of the rain and relaxing ocean waves send you to sleep.

 Oculus Go

This latest version of VR headset gives you access to a virtual world without needing to use a computer. This product can connect to over 1000 games and apps to experience something different.

 AUKEY's Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Even if you have an old car don't worry you can still stream audio to the cars stereo system without needing to pull the dashboard apart. You just plug the AUKEY receiver into the cassette adapted pair the device to your phone and there you go you can stream audio to the speakers via your Bluetooth.

 Courant Charger

Here is a wireless charging pad. It can be used across many smartphones. It is made of Italian leather and offers an easy way to charge your phone. Just set the phone on the pad, and it will charge away. It takes about 3 hours for a full charge. It comes in cream, black or grey.

 Fitbit Versa

The latest version in fitness trackers now has a slimmer band and the option of a nice pink color too. It has a heart rate tracker four days' worth of battery and a virtual wallet. Getting fit just got a lot more fun and motivating.

 Roku Streaming Stick+

This device allows you to stream music, movies, games and tv shows. It streams in 4K HDR that goes straight to your tv. It is lightweight and compact being the size of a thumb drive which will help to keep the tv cabinet clutter free.

 AmazonBasics Microwave (with Alexa)

With so much technology coming on the scene it isn't a surprise there is now a smart microwave. It takes the commands via the Alexa. You can tell your microwave how long you want to cook the item for. The microwave even has a button for popcorn what more could you want.

 Nintendo Labo

Keep the kids entertained with the DIY video game kit. The kit goes with the Nintendo switch which allows you to convert the console into a robot, motorcycle even a fishing pole. This will give children the ultimate gaming experience.

 So, which of these are you looking to get yourself or your loved ones this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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