Monday, 11 September 2017 15:34

The game that is conquering the world

Mobile phones and tablets, so-called mobile devices, are no longer just for interpersonal communication. These are true portable entertainment sets. We use them to watch movies, listen to music and, increasingly, play games too. Mobile application developers strive to make high-quality products, which attract the attention of players and keep them engaged for longer. However, the product itself is not enough, therefore, intriguing ads are created that reach a wide audience.

One of the most interesting examples is the commercial for Monster Strike, which is now one of the most frequently downloaded games for mobile devices.
If you are curious about this ad, you can watch it by clicking the video below. It will take you into a unique locker room. But you won’t find any regular athletes there. It’s a locker room for various kinds of monsters, which are supposed to become a team and work together. Will they succeed? One of the most popular US comedians, Andy Samberg, plays the role of a coach, whose mission is to help them do this.
He is trying to unleash the monsters’ fighting spirit and make them work together. Will they meet their destiny and beat their enemies? You can find out by watching the video and playing Monster Strike.

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