Monday, 08 September 2014 03:10

Office 365 for the whole family!

Imagine that you can set up your children’s schedules while they’re sitting in school, and while you’re wandering around town. In addition to this, you can modify an important text document or even improve your presentation and send it to your boss. Impossible? Well, actually it isn’t!

Office 365 Home is the perfect solution for families who want to be in touch constantly and at the same time, work together on certain tasks. This software can in fact be installed on five computers, be they PCs or MACs and five tablets from either Microsoft or Apple. With a large capacity Cloud in OneDrive, you can exchange files without having to use a USB flash drive or other external drive. Due to the fact that Office 365 is also available on the tablet, you can easily use it even when you're riding a bus and you are away from home. This makes things a lot easier, especially for people who work a lot or just have to use certain applications.
In Office 365 Home you’ll be handling improved versions of well-known and popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. In addition to this bundle, you will also find a Skype package of world-minutes so you can call your friends who live on the other side of the world.
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