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The third generation of smartphone from LG

A robust battery. A new design. A much larger display. These are just a few basic advantages of the new LG G3. This new Smartphone is another response to the growing expectations of LG customers. But what exactly does the new G3 offer us? The LG G3 is a combination of incredible power, with excellent image quality and a very durable battery.

The display of this phone has a diagonal span of 5.5" and is characterized by Quad HD quality, which is four times better than the usual HD resolution. This allows us to enjoy incredibly vibrant colors and a true reproduction of real life imagery. 


The new G3 can be compared even with a professional SLR - its improved camera allows you to capture high quality images regardless of the lighting or time of day. The improved autofocus allows for faster reactions of the camera so you never miss an interesting shot. Its sharpness has also been improved - with one touch of the screen, you are now able to focus precisely on any element in the frame that you like. It is worth to mention  Best Canadian Casino - yup, with this smartphone you can win a fortune.

However, these improvements could not operate, if it wasn’t for the outstanding Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core processor, which allows for trouble-free operation of multiple applications at the same time, and seamless web browsing and movie watching.
Let's go back to the strength of the battery – the most impressive thing about it is the fact that on standby it is able to hold out for an incredible 3000mAh. So despite the powerful display, you do not have to worry about your Smartphone discharging in the least appropriate moment.

What do you say about having a new LG G3?

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