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Tips to take care of a laptop

1. A laptop is a piece of hardware or machinery. You don’t need to treat it like Godzilla descending upon Japan. Treat it with the care and respect that it needs. Keep your laptop in a secure case or padded travel bag when you are on the move with it. I had the misfortune of breaking a screen by not doing so.

You need to treat your laptop with a little respect and care by ensuring it is secure when not in use and don’t be rough with it when moving around the office or house. Remember to no set thing on top of it like books that will cause stress on the screen.

2. Keep your laptop dust free. This means clean your keyboard area and make sure your fans are clean as well so that they are processing air properly. This will keep all of your parts running smooth inside. Use a dust can and Swiffer to help keep your laptop clean. Besides the laptop itself keep your work area dust free by regularly dusting and vacuuming. Keeping your work area clean means there is less dust to enter your laptop. If you are unsure there are lots of youtube videos to help you clean your laptop the proper way.

3. Keep all liquids away from your laptop. That last thing you want to do is spill liquid inside your computer. At work I keep my laptop on a stand so that if something does spill on my desk it is no going to get into my machine.

4. Keep all of your software programs up to date. Updates are released because they are fixing software flaws.

5. Get a good anti-virus and spyware program and keep them up to date. I use Avast, Super Anti-Spyware and CCleaner to keep my laptop running efficiently.

6. Make sure to enable sleeping or hibernate modes so that when not in use your laptop powers down. This will help prolong it’s life and help extend battery life.

7. Close the lid when not in use. If the lid is down when unattended there is less chance of something happening to your screen or keyboard. As well, the laptop will power down when you close the lid so it helps that way as well.

Have laptop maintenance tips you want to add? Be sure to comment and we will edit the post to include them. This is what you don’t want to do.

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