Do you dream of a holiday in a place unknown, but rich in things to do? If so, we encourage you to visit Quebec – a Canadian city where you can come across many elements of European culture. So, if you're a fan of Europe or you are just looking for an attractive place to rest - take a look below!

The blooms are just beginning to bud at The Arboretum at Flagstaff. In just a few weeks, it’ll be a great side trip to take on your way to the Grand Canyon. The former residence of now deceased Frances McAllister (who first came to Flagstaff by train in the 1930s and moved here permanently in 1967, after her husband, John Vickers McAllister, died), the gardens and buildings share what she learned about gardening at 7,000 feet elevation.

I was 10 the last time I visited Arcosanti, architect and artist Paolo Soleri’s eco-friendly community just off I-17 near Cordes Junction. I can’t say it’s changed much except it seems quieter–then again, I was with my family this time, not 60 plus screaming fourth graders. The students living here still make bronze and ceramic bells, they still grow much of their own fruits and vegetables, and they still envision a world where humans make the most of their natural surroundings.

“I can’t go on my own?” This is one of those phrases that are beginning to rile me. You can, you would just rather not. The first thing to establish when planning your trip is ‘who is going?’ Loneliness is a little like the red devil on your shoulder when trying to convince yourself that you can see the world independently. The angel on the other side however, is telling you to consider the incredibly attractive, single, like-minded individual who will, at the last minute, sit in the vacant plane seat next to you where you will chat about all the things you have in common and eventually get married.

Gold brought the people to Bairnsdale but it was the beauty of this locale that kept them here. As the nearest entrance to the area of Grippland Lakes and forests it a warm and small town feeling country town ready to share its hospitality. As the entrance to the more rugged territory of rivers, mountains, and lakes it works well to use as a base and to take day trips to the attractions and sights you wish to see.

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