Sunday, 12 May 2019 09:43

A visit to Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti

I was 10 the last time I visited Arcosanti, architect and artist Paolo Soleri’s eco-friendly community just off I-17 near Cordes Junction. I can’t say it’s changed much except it seems quieter–then again, I was with my family this time, not 60 plus screaming fourth graders. The students living here still make bronze and ceramic bells, they still grow much of their own fruits and vegetables, and they still envision a world where humans make the most of their natural surroundings.

Coolangatta is located along the border between Queensland and New South Wales and is the most southernmost of the Gold Coast holiday centres . Coolangatta’s neighbour is Tweed Heads which is located on the New South Wales side of the border, but to the human eye , the two towns have grown into one single metropolitan area.

Friday, 16 September 2016 15:34

Canada like you’ve never known it before

Do you associate Canada only with the cold, forests and boredom? If so, it is time you changed your stereotypical attitude. How? The answer is New Brunswick - a unique coastal province of Canada in which not only will you experience a fantastic holiday, but you will also discover this country anew.

Most people love to enjoy the Carnival Cruise Lines founded by cruise visionary Ted Arison, because they can enjoy the relax environment on the ship. In addition, the cruise ship helps to offer a lot of entertainment activities and facilities, which you shall enjoy with. Since there are many cruise ships from the Carnival Cruise Lines, the question on how to select the right cruise ships begins difficult to answer.

Gold brought the people to Bairnsdale but it was the beauty of this locale that kept them here. As the nearest entrance to the area of Grippland Lakes and forests it a warm and small town feeling country town ready to share its hospitality. As the entrance to the more rugged territory of rivers, mountains, and lakes it works well to use as a base and to take day trips to the attractions and sights you wish to see.

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