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Best cities to rent a yacht in

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A private yacht charter, whether exploring the turquoise seas of the Caribbean or bouncing between isolated beaches all along Mediterranean coast, provides an intimate holiday that can easily be adapted to each traveler's preferences and is a great opportunity to see unknown, off-the-beaten-path jewels.

We have compiled a list of our top summer yacht charter places that will appeal to people of all ages. Miami Yacht Rental still tops the list of easy to go to when travelling

  • Croatian Islands

The Croatian Islands, which are readily available from the Dalmatian Coast and are best explored by private yacht or sailyacht, are made up of picturesque, tranquil settlements that give a welcome escape from the hectic cities of Dubrovnik or Split. Hvar and Korcula are two must-see attractions with beachfront eateries, medieval architecture, and Gothic as well as Renaissance churches. Brac, which has several hermitage monasteries, is another frequent trip. Add this list to your Croatian sailing experience

  • Greece Islands

Visitors may see unspoiled landscapes, beautiful architecture, and major ancient sites on a private cruise through the Greek islands and shoreline. Stops at Paros, a magnificent island known for its marbles and a slew of cultural activities that draw a worldwide audience, and Antiparos, a less-touristy island with wonderful green and blue waves, clean beaches, and spectacular stalagmite caverns, are among the highlights

  • Caribbean Islands

For those travelling by yacht, the Caribbean's azure seas provide a plethora of alternatives. The British Virgin Islands, which are made up of four big islands and 50 or so tiny cays, are known for their lovely green peaks, pristine beaches, and some of the greatest snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean.  Travelers may also island hop through clusters of nearby islands on a private yacht, starting in St. Lucia and then down to the Antilles, which also include Mustique, Canouan and Saint Martin, to get the whole Caribbean experience. Here are a few other Caribbean Island tips."

  • Galápagos

The finest method to see the Galápagos is via yacht, which provides the most versatility and customized experience for visitors. There are 13 large islands, six smaller islands, and almost 40 deserted islets that make up the Galápagos. Fernandina Island is great for seeing sea lions and iguanas, Floreana Island is great for snorkeling, and the isolated Wolf and Darwin Islands are great for seeing the sea life that the Galápagos is renowned for, such as schools of hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, and killer whale pods. Keep in mind that various yachting laws exist to safeguard the islands, as well as the routes are set by the government.

  • Italian Coast

Travelers aboard yachts may take full advantage of the buying, eating, and nightlife on land while moored off the coasts of Italy's magnificent islands, and then retreat to the ocean when the crowds get too dense. Sailing to Portofino, Sicily, Forte dei Marmi, Capri, and the Aeolian Islands gives you access to quiet coves and top beach clubs that are only accessible by yacht. These tours are perfect for friendship groups or couples with older kids who wish to dive, swim, jet ski, and explore unknown beaches while enjoying wonderful seafood and having a good time shopping.

Pick any of these destinations and you will surely fall in love with the experience that you can get.

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