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Organizing a Bike Weekend in Rovinj

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For those who love biking, Rovinj, a beautiful Istrian city, is a true paradise. The autumn season predisposes to a less beach-focused tourism and more geared towards exploring the hinterland.

The perfect opportunity to discover new places and more niche landscapes. Departing from Venice with a ferry to Rovinj is easier than you might think thanks to the numerous routes offered by the Venezia Lines company.

Once you arrive, you'll find beautiful landscapes to explore by bike immersed in nature. As Alfredo Oriani once said:

"A bicycle can well be worth a library"

Are you ready for an exciting and sporty discovery weekend?

Rovinj in the fall

The temperature in Rovinj during the fall is pleasant and encourages an active holiday immersed in nature. A nice bike ride along the many cycling paths will make you feel refreshed and in harmony with the landscape. For all tourists who wish to discover Rovinj by bike, the local tourist board organizes free trips around the city through the Feel the breeze of Rovinj project. Among the many activities organized, there are also visits to archaeological sites or food and wine tours to discover Rovinj's typical dishes.

Whether you are a professional athlete looking for training in nature or a simple amateur cyclist, we recommend the route of the Štrika-Ferata cycle-pedestrian path. It's a section created along the former Canfanaro - Rovinj- Rovigno railway branch that has recently been modernized.

Bike & Gourmet Weekend Tour in Rovinj

Every spring and fall in Rovinj, a genuine biking experience is organized to explore the territory and its typical cuisine. You will pedal through romantic vineyards and breathtaking landscapes, discovering the true and authentic Rovinj.

The two-day bike tour promises to delight you with local delicacies; first and foremost, olive oil and wine.

The Bike & Gourmet Weekend Tour includes two different itineraries:

The Sea Route: will allow you to taste the typical seafood specialties. Fish dishes are a cornerstone of Rovinj cuisine. These are traditional dishes that were originally prepared with the day's catch aboard the batanas. Rovinj's cuisine is deeply rooted in tradition, and to preserve authentic traditional dishes, the Batana House Ecomuseum has carried out an important project. It is a book that collects the most important traditional recipes. In honor of tradition, each dish is indicated with its original name in dialect.

The Mountains Route: will give you the chance to taste all the goodness of typical Istrian hinterland cuisine. Delicious are the fuzi pasta in all its versions! The choice is yours: with crab meat, truffle, or Istrian ox sauce? Don't miss the dishes (either starters or meat-based) prepared with the precious truffle. In many restaurants, a truffle-based appetizer is a must! If you just want something to nibble on to accompany a good glass of wine, we recommend a plate of typical cold cuts and cheeses, it's really worth it!

The Bike & Gourmet Weekend Tour also adds gastronomic pleasure. In particular, during the organized routes in the fall season, you can take advantage of the many promotional prices offered by local traditional restaurants.

If you are passionate about viticulture, you can choose to collaborate with winemakers in the production and tasting stages of wine.

Olive oil production also has much to offer, all you have to do is pedal to get up close and personal with all these fascinating realities. Enjoy your trip!


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