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Solo Holidays In Greece For The First Time

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You have never been to Greece before, you travel solo and you are wondering where to stay for the very first time. Hmmm….that’s a tough decision, but I’m here to help you. It’s a tough decision because this country has numerous ideal destinations that could literally become a headache till making a decision.

First of all, you have to determine when you are willing to visit Greece for holidays. The season is the main factor that will show you the path for the next steps of this procedure. Every season in this country has special and distinctive characteristics and for each season you will find amazing alternatives for vacation. Climate and nature transformation create a totally different setting from summer to winter.

So many amazing Greek destinations…How to decide? 

Starting from summer, the top season for Greece holidays, your thoughts must be smart and quick, as any complicated process will probably bring you to a dead end. Set yourself the below questions and come to a conclusion as sooner as possible!

Five Q&A to find your next Greek destination for solo holidays

Are you willing to go with the classic way or are you okay trying something different?

Obviously, the classic way (and maybe the safest) is to visit a Greek island. But, if you aren't stuck in this kind of stereotype, and you probably aren't as you solo travel, Greece’s mainland has great summer destinations too. If you choose an island destination as the only option for holidays in Greece, then start with the basics. The Mykonos or Paros islands for leisure and pleasure, Santorini or Amorgos for romance, and Crete or Evia for adventure. On the other hand, if you are fine to visit the Greek mainland, then we strongly recommend the following three destinations: Chalkidiki, Pelion, or Parga.

 In the end, it is all about budget, in a few words how much do you afford to spend on the Greek holidays?

Keep in mind that Greece is not expensive nor a cheap country for holidays, for sure it is a value-for-money destination. Wherever you are finally going you will be able to eat and sleep well at good prices. Almost everywhere…If you are limited by the budget avoid Mykonos and Santorini. If you want to have more options for everything, Crete and Evia are the best solutions. Now, if you are a backpacking travel person, then check these places: Lefkada, Samothrake, Karpathos, Kythira, Katerini, and Peloponnese. For those who are looking for luxury and dolce vita, Mykonos and Santorini are just perfect!

 Really, how old are you? Or to be more accurate, how old do you feel?

Have you visited Ibiza in the near past, and it was one of your best single holiday experiences? Search then for Ios island, Paros, Chalkidiki and Mykonos. If not, and you are interested in spending an intense summer, we believe that Ios, Corfu and Crete are fine. For all of you who have as a priority to relax and come to a step closer to nature, please google for Thasos, Mani, Samos, Chios, Samothrace, Kefalonia, and Leros, you will be surprised.

 For what reason did you choose Greece for your holidays?

Greece is a beautiful country, and that’s true. Greece is also one of the most interesting cultural and historical places on earth. Is this the main reason that you want to make holidays in Greece? If your top priority is to dig into Greek culture and the historical past, then start with the essentials. Think about which era is your favorite and visit the most representative destination. If, for example, Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens are the first things that come to mind, then just book your ticket for the Greek capital. Luckily, Athens and Attica prefecture are beautiful in every season (maybe July and August are the hottest summer months) and that is more than okay to spend all your summer holidays there.

 What about making winter single holidays in Greece?

Greece is not the number one winter destination and there is a reason. Not because this country doesn’t have wonderful places, ideal for your winter break, but because compared with the north European countries for example, Greece is in a negative position as it concerns weather and landscapes. There you won’t find the imposing snowed mountains that you will find in Germany, though you will find cute and picturesque villages, beautiful traditional hotels, and numerous taverns and restaurants. For your first visit in Greece during winter check these destinations: Papigon, Pelion, Arahova, Karpenhsi, Kaimaktsalan, Kastoria, and Kalavryta.

The above are tips for your first time in Greece, although you are more than welcome to experiment with different destinations and alternative options. To take away these are some underdogs for your next Greece holidays: Anafi, Shcinousa and Donousa islands, Simi, Tilos and Chalki, Thassos and Lipsoi.


Wherever you finally decide to go to Greece solo for the first time, you will immediately see the greatness of this country and you will have the opportunity to have unforgettable holidays! Greece is a country steeped in history, where echoes of ancient myths still reverberate between the sunny islands and the wilder mainland. The country is a feast for the senses, offering an abundance of natural beauty, from the deep blue waters of the Aegean to the verdant mountain slopes. You will enjoy idyllic beaches, see ancient and emblematic monuments, and taste Mediterranean cuisine at its best! And all this wrapped in the warmth of the famous Greek hospitality.

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