Friday, 13 February 2015 17:21

Say "yes" in Barbados!

Engagement is one of the magical moments in life. It's often the beginning of a whole new chapter in a relationship. That's why you should organize it in a way to make it a great memory for the rest of your life. For example - in Barbados!

The story of two couples - Mike and Heather, JP and Stephanie - shows how you can propose to your beloved one in a unique and romantic way. However, not everyone will be fortunate enough to participate in a small project by WestJet like these two couples. The company decided to choose two couples to send to Barbados, and then arrange them special engagements from A to Z.

However, it wasn't up to the couples to decide about when and in what circumstances the big question would be popped. Both couples had the unique opportunity to visit the small but very charming island of Barbados. Beautiful views, hundreds of ways to spend your time and an incredible atmosphere make it a truly wonderful place for a romantic getaway with your significant other.

But what has happened to our heroes? We will find out on Valentine's Day what exactly WestJet has planned for the two couples. Are you curious? Click on the video and follow the next .




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