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Take a few days off in Bairnsdale Victoria in Australia

Gold brought the people to Bairnsdale but it was the beauty of this locale that kept them here. As the nearest entrance to the area of Grippland Lakes and forests it a warm and small town feeling country town ready to share its hospitality. As the entrance to the more rugged territory of rivers, mountains, and lakes it works well to use as a base and to take day trips to the attractions and sights you wish to see.

Settled by Europeans in the late nineteenth century it started off as a cattle run. Once gold was found the town grew too bringing all types of immigrants to the area.

After the gold rush some of those who came stayed to make their homes and their livelihoods here. The Chinese immigrants brought their ability as farmers and the town began to grow crops like wheat, hops, and oats. As the agriculture grew then the dairy farmers arrived and many creameries made their appearance on the landscape.

All this loving of the earth makes this place a homey, comfortable place to take time. A relaxed and solid foundation is what moves the town. Visiting here means good food, lovely views, and a chance to wander and enjoy the river as it moves by the town. The Mitchell River is where Bairnsdale sits as it bends toward Lake King. This affords not only views but the opportunity to enjoy the lake and what it has to offer. The are great Bairnsdale accommodation options to stay in while visiting the area.

There is much to do in this area. The lake has boating, picnics, fishing and simply sitting on the shore. There are miles of trails to hike for a daily excursion. Or you can spend time strolling through the town seeing the heritage on Main Street. Visiting St. Marys Roman Catholic Church is a treat. The murals that cover the walls and ceiling are extraordinary. The Hillmay House is a museum that shows you what it was like living in the time the town was settled.

The town has created a lovely center divide of garden and lush vegetation that you can admire as you meander down the streets. The name of this town was made when founder Archibald McLeod named it after his birthplace in Scotland, although it may just be that the sight of a multitude of children inspired the name of bairn which is the Scottish word for child.

How the town was named takes nothing from the deep roots of the aboriginal tribe of Brabralongcha which first inhabited this land. Their history is alive and well at the Krowathunkoolong Keeping Place which is a center for their history, culture, art, and crafts that you can enjoy and buy.

But the most important reason to visit here is the proximity to the wonders of Grippsland lakes, forests and the rivers that abound. This love of this landscape and the earth itself brings a warm and relaxed feeling to Bairnsdale and will afford you the same feelings as you stay here.

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