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Why pick a silk sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bags, as the moniker implies, are basically sacks in which people can slumber, and can generally be closed with a zipper. Sleeping bags are made in three fundamental forms; rectangular, tapered and ‘mummy’ or cocoon style. The main functions of sleeping bags are to contain heat and provide a comfortable environment for their occupants.


Such items, when lined with silk, are referred to as silk sleeping bags. Pure and breathable silk sleeping bag liners are famous for their sensuous warmth and luxury. Silk sleeping bags provide the ability to sleep in comfort virtually anywhere; it is also extremely valuable in tropical environments allowing it to keep away pesky insects without getting too hot inside. Silk sleeping bags are a must have for campers, travelers and back packers due to its light feather weight and ease in cleaning. These bags are perfect for those with sensitive skin as well as those who simply enjoy their luxurious feeling, and because they do not require constant washing, they tend to last a long time. And most importantly it brings down the sleeping bag warmth rating by 5 degrees.

There are several notable features of cocoon style silk sleeping bags. They narrow from the head to the foot, in turn having a relatively lower volume and surface area. That increases the heat retention ability of silk sleeping bags rendered in the cocoon shape. Yet, the rectangular silk sleeping bags are the category which provides sufficient elasticity and space while sleeping. Due to its relatively large volume and surface area this type of silk sleeping bags are used for overnight stays in cars, boats, huts, tents, campers and while out fishing or hunting.

It is possible to use a sleeping bag in virtually any type of circumstance in which a bed is lacking. For the various reasons articulated above, silk sleeping bags are a terrific option for anyone shopping for a travel sleep solution.

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