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World travel : How to select your samping site

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Selecting a good camping site that makes your trip comfortable is the most important thing while planning to have a camping trip. Considerations in the selection of the site should be started when you are at home before starting the camping trip. Here are some of the most common things that should be considered before selecting a camping site:


Most important thing you need while camping is water. It is better to camp near water source so you can easily do with your breakfast, lunch, dinner and other washing tasks. But do not camp at the edge of water source; rather keep a significant distance from the source so that the air inside the camp does not get humidified.
Before camping you should consider whether or not that place is safe from natural hazards like volcanic eruptions, land sliding or flash floods. Even you should take into account for any suspected environmental hazards like high tides or avalanches.
Prior to setting up your camp, you should first clean the area properly from all stones, branches and trash if any. After cleaning small debris, camp should be set up. Also consider that the place where you are setting up your camp is not compacted. Usually ground gets compacted when it is successively used for camping and it may result in unpleasant condition if it rains, as the area gets filled with water.
The most hectic task while finding a good camping site is to search for a leveled site so that you can easily and comfortably enjoy your trip. If you are not successful in getting leveled site you should sleep in proper orientation keeping your head at a higher level than the rest of your body.
While looking for a good camping site you should consider whether or not a trial is present nearby. If yes, then avoid that place as nearby trails may cause disturbance in your privacy.
The selected camping site should be exposed to moderate wind. Hard blowing winds should be avoided as they may ruin your trip and make it uncomfortable by destroying your camp. Soft blowing winds are good to keep the atmosphere in the camp fresh and remove humidity.
If you are having toddlers and kids in your family then you should avoid camping close to the camping site as it may result of any harmful accidents.
Before camping you should look for waste bins if they are present near the site, otherwise you yourself have to manage to dispose of trash. Also consider that camping site is away from thick forest if you are planning for lighting fires for cooking or at night.
These are the most highlighted points to be considered before setting up your camp. Following these little but helpful tips make your camping tour memorable.

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