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World travel : Leisure and tourism improve your life

Leisure and tourism Leisure and tourism

It is absolutely brutal to drain your body of all its energy and enthusiasm and not even repay it with kindness. The worst form of suffering you can shove your body into being continuous struggle and hard work without sufficient time to relax it. You can’t simply hop on a couch once every twilight and expect your body to relax completely. In the tiresome world of today, it needs more of a vacation to a faraway place where the tensions of your current life will no longer pose a threat to its health and existence.

Treat yourself well and give your body some credit for sticking with you so strongly for so long. My idea of relaxation is flying away from my city every holidays to rest my senses and nerves and to start anew after getting back. This leisure opportunity actually helps me replenish my energy stores and improve my work output.
If you can’t go on a proper vacation, it’s never too late to visit a nearby place like a farm house or a lake and stay there for a couple of days. You can also find yourself proper leisure timeat least twice a week when you’d give yourself a treat by playing your favorite sport, visiting orchards and picking fresh fruits and so on.


Travelling and leisure has improved my life considerably. It has helped me cope up with my stress issues and has improved my health in the following ways:

1. I no longer panic a lot. Taking respites once every 2 months and escaping into the unknown world has calmed my senses a lot. My resolve has improved and my temper issues have disappeared to a great extent. My nerves are now more stable and strong and there is little this world can do to alarm me or dampen my enthusiasm.
2. I have understood myself in a much better manner. Every time I take a vacation to a far flung area with no one but strangers to talk to, I find time for myself. I sit alone and relish nature and it not only improves by connection with the environment but also with my soul. It may seem like too much but it makes me realize my shortcomings and wrongdoings and I try my level best to get rid of them.
3. It has improved my social circle. By visiting other places I acquaint with the citizens there, get to know them, their traditions and lifestyle and hence befriend them.
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