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Family-friendly hybrid car

Pacifica Hybrid Pacifica Hybrid

People looking for a family car place importance primarily on driving safety and low maintenance costs. That is why more and more people who frequently travel with their entire family, and especially with young children, choose hybrid cars. One of the most interesting models is the Pacifica Hybrid made by Chrysler’s designers and engineers.

Its modern, streamlined and minimalist shape is the first thing you notice. But what matters most is inside. The interior of the car allows for comfortable travelling even on very long routes. Moreover, its design increases safety during driving. And underneath the hood is the heart of the car – the gasoline engine and electric motor which allow you to travel hundreds of kilometres and reduce your travel expenses.

Great hybrid cars

The electric motor, when used independently, enables to travel up to 53 km. It is therefore an ideal solution for everyday driving around the city. If you’re planning to travel far, it is best to fully take advantage of the car’s capabilities and use both the gasoline engine and electric motor. This will let you drive up to 911 km before having to refuel and recharge.

Pacifica Hybrid

In the commercial for Pacifica Hybrid, the car makers wanted to show how seemingly ordinary things can turn out to be unique and unusual. If you would like to find out other surprising facts about this hybrid, watch the video below.



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