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Toyota Land Cruiser - a car for special tasks

Cars produced by Toyota are extremely popular all over the world. One of its flagship models is the Toyota Land Cruiser - a passenger car whose history dates back to 1941, when the first prototypes were created. Since then, the car is regularly modernised and every few years a new model is released.

Interestingly, this car was originally called the Toyota Jeep. However, the brand Willys had previously acquired the rights to use this name and only its cars could be called Jeep. Therefore, Toyota changed the name of its model to Land Cruiser. It was intended to be a reference to one of its competitor’s off-road vehicles, the Land Rover.

Land Cruisers are suitable both for difficult terrain as well as in the city. They are safe and comfortable, and their appearance impresses even the most demanding car lovers. The interior is equally attractive and provides a high level of comfort.

Recently Toyota released a car which matches the latest automotive trends. It is an armoured car that is manufactured using the latest technology. Such vehicles, like the Land Cruiser itself, began to appear during the Second World War. However, at that time they were designed solely for military purposes, so their appearance was not a priority. This began to change practically just after the war when such cars sparked an interest among civilians. Especially VIPs were keen on purchasing armoured vehicles. Their cars were supposed to provide them safety and comfort. Today's armoured cars are significantly different from those manufactured a few decades ago. You can find out more about what modern armoured cars look like, in particular, the Toyota Land Cruiser, at .

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