Thursday, 25 September 2014 07:55

Ready for a surprise?

Imagine that today you’ve just started working as a porter at a casino. Your main task is not only to greet the guests, but also to park their cars in the parking lot. You feel anxious and stressed out, because any single setback could end your career. And suddenly, here in front of you your brand new Volvo FH truck pulls up and the owner asks to have it parked.

This is not a joke or someone’s silly imagination, but an idea for a new campaign from the manufacturer Volvo. The idea is based on having a number of hidden cameras installed around the casino and watching the reaction of the young porter. As Oscar-winning director Alex Rubin said while creating this project, everyone will be wondering what Ambrogio Adani will do. Will he try to park the vehicle, or submit and consider it a stupid hoax?
The main objective of this idea is to present the improved version of the Volvo FH with a new I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox. Its innovation lies in the use of the same patents found in sports cars for heavy duty trucks, which have not yet been tried out this way by anybody in the world. The appearance of such a solution is supposed to make Volvo customers realise that this company can pleasantly surprise them every step of the way, often using solutions which no one else has ever thought of.
Wouldn’t you like to check the reaction of the porter? Click on the video and follow the Volvo channel on Youtube!


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