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The recycled plastic revolution in car accessories!

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Our society attaches increasingly more importance to environmental protection as the state of our environment is getting worse every year.

That is why the industry focuses on recycling everything that can be recovered and reused. A real revolution is about to happen in the case of plastic car accessories thanks to the Tompar brand. So why should you choose revolutionary and creative recycled accessories?

Less plastic in the oceans - more benefits for the environment

Every year, tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean, and later pictures of animals suffering from ingested plastic waste circulate around the world. What's more, many sea creatures get trapped in plastic bottles and bags, so the whole world is looking towards even better and more productive recycling of this most popular industrial raw material. Plastic recycling is therefore the best and most effective idea to drastically reduce the amount of plastic in landfills and assessments.

Car accessories are overwhelmingly based on plastic. That is why it is such a revolutionary idea to produce car accessories from recycled plastic. This idea has been put into practice by Tompar, which has just entered the Canadian market. This company produces the most important and useful accessories such as window scrapers, window brushes, rim brushes and microfiber steam collectors. All the components used in these accessories are recycled, so their production is environmentally friendly. Such recycled accessories fit perfectly into the trend of electric and eco-friendly cars.

Why choose Tompar products?

One of the main advantages of Tompar products is, of course, their low carbon footprint, but it is also worth noting their aesthetic and eye-catching design. Car accessories from have been designed to be as ergonomic and eco-friendly as possible. Therefore, these accessories are compatible with all types of cars, not only in terms of ergonomics, but also in terms of stylish and aesthetic appearance. Tompar accessories are enjoying a constantly growing interest, so it is worth trying them yourself.

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