Monday, 30 December 2019 12:32

The North Face - how to break the rules and open doors

The North Face The North Face

Since the beginning of time, man has set off into the unknown, attracted by things considered to be unattainable. What was once something quite abstract, such as reaching the highest peaks, is no longer something extraordinary.

More and more adventurers decide to overcome their weaknesses by climbing ice-covered mountains.

You may wonder what really determines whether an idea, task or way of life can be described as crazy. Who has the right to set boundaries and say what you can and cannot do?
Keep developing yourself and overcome your limitations!

The North Face

The North Face continues to grow as each year as new peaks are reached, records are broken and boundaries are crossed. This brand was created especially for athletes living in very harsh climates. Mountain slopes covered in ice, life-threatening avalanches, frost, wind, humidity and frostbite are just some of the things these people have to face every day.

Extreme skiers, mountaineers and other lovers of mountains have the need not only for wild nature and challenging peaks, but also high-quality, comfortable clothing, created using modern technologies, ensuring an optimum body temperature and breathable fabrics.




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