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Tips for an easy move

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Are you about to make a residential move? Where exactly are you moving in?Is the new place bigger or smaller comparing to the old one? How much time it will consume to transport your stuff to the destination point? Are these regular furnishings or antiques? These and many other questions occupy your mind now, but it's just a matter of timely and efficient actions that you should take before, during and after the move to make it smooth and easy.

There aren't any steps to follow, you just go with a flow on a moving day...and that's obviously the worst advice one can give you. This is actually a perfect recipe for a disaster and stress hormones levels skyrocketing. Have you ever gone through the rigmarole of organizing a removal? So, you get the idea.
Can't imagine your cherished old wardrobe scratched or your fav sofa damaged (cause obviously there it's a more comfy one out in this world somewhere!)? Follow these 5 tips to make your move hassle-free!

1. Prepare like a pro

What furniture should you take with you?
Are you the person that always throughs out stuff that your spouse or kid have not been using for quite a while? Well, you will find yourself very comfortable with sifting out furniture that you don't need any more from these you want at your new place.
If you are much more of a collector, you might ask your friends, spouse or a professional to assess the value that your furniture holds and whether it makes sense to take them with you.
You may as well want to consult it with your interior designer if you hired one to arrange your new space!
When would you like to move? 
Are you going to have a busy time at work? IWhat if it's going to take place on the weekend? Make sure you have not planned any parties or family celebrations. In short: check your calendar and ensure that other events will not interfere.
Can you handle it yourself or you need a moving company to give you a hand?
It depends on the number of furniture you want to move, the size of a car or van the whole operation requires, a distance between your old and new home. It might be more complicated as well if you are trying to move across countries or continents.
Make a list of pros and cons of doing it yourself and with a transport company. It should help you make a reasonable and adequate decision.


2. Be an investigator

Before the moving day comes, be sure to make a list of furniture you decided to move. What's worth to jot down?
  • name of the furniture
  • its actual condition
  • parts that can be transported separately
  • pieces that require additional protection
  • furniture that requires special equipment for transit (e.g. forklift)
Now, make high-resolution photos of them to ensure that you can prove your point when it comes to making a claim if your furniture gets damaged.
You can as well get your furnishing appraised. It's especially important if they hold sentimental value. Antiques are passed down from one generation to the next, so apart from losing cherished memories and moments you might lose a few quit as well.


3. Protect your furniture

Empty your furniture. This will keep your stuff scratches free and will be easier and lighter to carry as well. 
Now, take a closer look and try to figure out what's the surface of your furniture made of and what kind of protection it may need. Surely, with wooden furniture, you will need some extra care, simply because they are more fragile and easily scratched or dented.
You may use these to secure furniture properly:
  • packing paper 
  • stretch foil
  • bubble wrap
  • foam sheets
  • moving blankets


4. Never do it alone

It may only result in scratched pieces of furniture at best or destroyed family valuables at worst :( 
The number of people you may need to help depends on what and where you need to transport. 
To ship your furniture abroad you may want to consider hiring a transport provider that is already making the same journey and still has not filled his van capacity fully. Then you may expect the transport provider to give you a better quote, cause, after all, it is to his benefit as well.
If you need to find a transport company to ship to Spain or Germany you may as well find them in the online marketplace under these links.
Remember to compare multiple transport providers offers, pricing pages and enquire whether they already transported a furniture like yours so you are sure they can provide quality service and equipment like forklifts, pallets or belts (if your furniture requires being secured or lifted in any particular way).


5. Make your new place ready

Remember that the whole preparation thing concerns not only taking stuff out of your old apartment - the story goes on! 
You need to make sure that your new place is ready for you or movers to come in and put all furniture inside, preferably in places where you wanted them to be - not scattered around randomly!
Measure the doorways to make sure that your furniture will go through. You can put plastic foil or cardboards on the floor to make sure you will not scratch the surface of the floor. Apart from that, make sure you do not drag the furniture along the floor. Lift it in the way that does not pose any health hazard.Good idea is to use special security belts
Phew! That's it - hope you are ready to take action now! Either done it yourself or with a transport company, with a little bit of planning ahead you and your furniture should be fine :)


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